Residential Pre-Purchase Surveys and Report FAQs

Do I need a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report from council?
Yes we recommend all clients obtain a LIM report. There is important information contained within this document which will help you determine the properties suitability to purchase.

Please note not all property information is included in the LIM report. Cross referencing this with other available information is paramount to get a complete picture of property. Contact us and we can discuss our methodology with you.

How long will the survey and report take?
We like to complete our survey and report within three working days. However this is dependent on availability of obtaining a LIM report and other relative information, weather, travel distance, size of the building and the list of defects found.

How much will the pre-purchase survey and report cost?
Please call us so we can obtain some basic information on the property. We can recommend a complete a scope of work and estimate of costs to your requirements.

Does the report include inspections on appliances, pumps and/or other chattels?
When selling a property, the sale and purchase agreement states (in part) that all chattels, plant, equipment, systems or devices must be delivered to the purchaser in reasonable working order.

We do a check on chattels like ovens, garbage disposal units and swimming pool pumps to determine if they are in working but cannot provide any detail on efficiency of operation. We can include a check of your electrical wiring by our registered electrician if required.