Due Diligence Surveys and Reports

Due Diligence Surveys and Reports for commercial properties

A Due Diligence Survey is the term used for a commercial building Pre-purchase Survey and Report. This includes greater detail on the land, lease documentation as well as income and expenditure details of all leasees. The report also contains detailed information on systems within the Compliance Schedule such as sprinklers, fire alarms or emergency lighting.

Facility Operations has an in-depth knowledge of operations management for commercial buildings and can offer clear and precise advice ensuring our clients can purchase with confidence at auction or private sale.

Call us to discuss your needs and we can provide you a proposal with a detailed scope of work and estimate of cost for your Due Diligence Survey and Report.


How much detail is required in my due diligence report?

We will develop a scope of work for your building which will include a list of items for the survey and report. This list can be altered to suit each situation.

Does Facility Operations undertake the due diligence investigations for all facets of the building?

We complete the majority of the investigation ourselves. However we do utilise specialist contractors to investigate, collate and review things like lease documents, income and expenditure, fire and sprinkler systems, air conditioning systems and electrical systems.

How long will the Due Diligence Survey and Report take?

This will be determined by the depth of scope of work you require and other parameters which include size, age and condition of the building, number of service contracts, number of lessees, access and specialist contractors timetable.

Our proposal will outline a timeframe in our scope of works once we know the above information and any other details required.

Do you give us information on the age and condition of the building and any other compliance requirements?

Yes we do. This will be part of our scope of work in our proposal and we use the services of our legal expert to investigate aspects of the building such as covenants, caveats to the building title and conveyancing.

Does the due diligence report cover daily building maintenance costs?

If there is an existing maintenance program in place with the vendor we will include this in the report. On review of the maintenance schedule we will also provide our recommendations on whether the schedule is sufficient for the building and highlight any potential deficiencies. Once the property is purchased we can also assist you by redeveloping that maintenance schedule for you if required.